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Now at the Uncertain Hour

Now at the Uncertain Hour is an intriguing theatrical piece, originally written for live performance, online streaming, and broadcast radio. The show takes the audience on a journey through the landscape of a soldier’s memory as a collector attempts to make sense of what will be left behind. In the midst of the relentless currents of time, what can we take hold of that will go on, that will not be lost? Photographs, scraps of paper, lights in windows, smells of certain fields ground us in place and time but only to the extent that we are awake to them. Ultimately, the play calls us to look, to listen, to speak, to be creators and caretakers of our own and others’ stories.

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By Way of Passing

It is Ray Hodges’ first year to help Jim Winters guiding elk hunts. At fourteen, he has a camper and a dog of his own, but many seasons will pass before he can attain Jim’s single-minded awareness of the hunt and its demands. Along with lessons about horse-minding and setting camp, Ray is learning to discern the beauty of a land that fosters him and to appreciate the pace of its slow change.

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Notes on Paper

In Notes on Paper, Damon Falke walks us through the landscape of one man’s mind, which contains both his past and an awareness of our common future. From within private memories the narrator reaches out to us with “we” and “you”, and each spare line invokes the hope that we, like him, are worthy of return to our most longed for places. And if to return is not our fate, and really it never can be, the narrator bids us survey our own memories, taking time in the present for the winds, and the words, that move the world. A work of profound beauty with illustrations by artist Laura Mae Jackson.

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