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Koppmoll is a film that negotiates the border between documenting and storytelling. Filmed in the far north of Norway, we follow the writer Damon Falke as he visits a resident family whose lives have been touched by change and memories of World War II. While considering his own need for place, Falke is introduced to places and stories that speak of home, family, loss, and a nearly forgotten war. Koppmoll is about the act of turning over one stone and finding a world where lives and landscapes are inseparable, where history is present. Koppmoll is directed by Charles M Pepiton, filmed by Wes Kline, written by Damon Falke, edited by Ira Dern, with translation provided by Kristine Fostervold, and features music by Camilla Ammirati.

Screening The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms, Hammerfest, Norway as part of Hammerfestdagen – 15 July 2022
ScreeningThe Arctic Hotel on Sommarøya – Troms, Norway, 8 April 2022
ScreeningUiT: Norway’s Arctic University – Tromsø, Norway, 4 April 2022
U.S. West Coast Premiere National Nordic Museum – Seattle, WA, USA – 2 November 2021
Norwegian PremiereNordkyn Vinterfestivalen / Winter Festival – Kjøllefjord, Norway – 4 March 2021
World Premiere & Special Jury Award Winner Cinema on the Bayou, Lafayette, LA, USA (20-27 January 2021)