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Damon Falke and Montana artist Tabby Ivy have a new book out, Between Artists: Life in Paintings and Prose , you can learn more about it at between-Artists.com or purchase it at tabbyivy.com.

Damon Falke is an American writer living in northern Norway.  His work includes, among others, By Way of Passing, Now at the Uncertain Hour, and Laura, or Scenes from a Common World.  Much of his work considers relationships between memory and the present, particularly as they are expressed through objects and landscapes.  In addition to writing, he has lived and traveled broadly, both as a traveler and a sportsman.  Greece, Nepal, Tibet, Tasmania, Hungry, New Zealand, Slovenia, East Texas and the American West have, in different ways, touched his work. Concepts of place and places themselves are essential to his writing for what they speak of history and of the stories we keep.  His half-acre in the far north is a good location for finding these things and for looking out of the kitchen window.

Featured selection

“At Work” is a sequence taken from a larger collection of vignettes and images put together by me and the photographer Wes Kline. The collection is called 18 Fragments. Our collaboration began in late 2020. At that time, I was catching a bus every morning and riding it to construction sites in the city. The city is about an hour from where I live.

I am not a construction worker, which is to say I do not have the skills of a carpenter, mason, plumber, roofer, or a dozen other jobs required on construction sites. What I can do is pick up garbage and move materials wherever they need to be moved. It’s mostly thankless work, which I don’t mind. People tend to leave you alone when you pick up trash. There can be hours to daydream, too, considering the slow distance between the fourth floor and the metal container when you’re carrying safety clamps.