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Damon Falke and Montana artist Tabby Ivy have a new book out, Between Artists: Life in Paintings and Prose , you can learn more about it at between-Artists.com or purchase it at tabbyivy.com.

Damon Falke is an American writer living in northern Norway.  His work includes, among others, By Way of Passing, Now at the Uncertain Hour, and Laura, or Scenes from a Common World.  Much of his work considers relationships between memory and the present, particularly as they are expressed through objects and landscapes.  In addition to writing, he has lived and traveled broadly, both as a traveler and a sportsman.  Greece, Nepal, Tibet, Tasmania, Hungry, New Zealand, Slovenia, East Texas and the American West have, in different ways, touched his work. Concepts of place and places themselves are essential to his writing for what they speak of history and of the stories we keep.  His half-acre in the far north is a good location for finding these things and for looking out of the kitchen window.

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De Profundis is the name given to a letter composed by Oscar Wilde between January and March of 1897 while serving his term for gross indecency at Reading prison. The title for the letter was subsequently provided by Robert Ross, a friend, former lover, and literary executor of Oscar Wilde. 1905, five years after Wilde’s death, marks the date of its original English publication. I note the English publication here as a German publication preceded the English version by roughly two weeks. I cannot help but wonder what Ross thought of this German edition. Although, it must be said Ross was a man of extraordinary compassion. The title, De Profundis, comes from Psalms 130 as, “From the depths, I have cried out to you, O Lord.” De Profundis—from the depths—from the depths of despair.