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Damon Falke is an American writer living in northern Norway.  His work includes, among others, By Way of Passing, Now at the Uncertain Hour, and Laura, or Scenes from a Common World.  Much of his work considers relationships between memory and the present, particularly as they are expressed through objects and landscapes.  In addition to writing, he has lived and traveled broadly, both as a traveler and a sportsman.  Greece, Nepal, Tibet, Tasmania, Hungry, New Zealand, Slovenia, East Texas and the American West have, in different ways, touched his work. Concepts of place and places themselves are essential to his writing for what they speak of history and of the stories we keep.  His half-acre in the far north is a good location for finding these things and for looking out of the kitchen window.

Featured selection

Koppmoll is a film that negotiates the border between documenting and storytelling. In the far north of Norway, a local resident recalls his family history and the story of a plane shot down during World War II. A visitor has come to learn about this man’s relationship to these events and to explore his own desire for remote places. Their conversation begins over a single stone, considering questions of impermanence and home, in a country where silence and landscape inhabit their separate memories. Koppmoll is directed by Charles M Pepiton, filmed by Wes Kline, written by Damon Falke, edited by Ira Dern, and features music by Camilla Ammirati.