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Between Artists: Life in Paintings and Prose, Availble for Purchase

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The book, Between Artists: Life in Paintings and Prose, is the result of an almost three year collaboration between Montana-based painter Tabby Ivy and Damon Falke, a US-born writer living in the far north of Norway. After a chance meeting through Facebook, and becoming familiar with and admiring each others work, Damon and Tabby met briefly in 2019. Soon after meeting, they decided to explore their work further, finding common themes in their artistic expression. Comprised of essays, paintings and correspondence between the two artists, this unique book offers insight into the creative process, the struggles and joys of pursuing art, and how art sometimes can connect us with the immediacy and intimacy of experience, as well what we carry within us.

From the book’s foreword, “Collaborations are not about agreement. Rather, a generative collaboration, such as what we find in this volume, is an intimate alliance in pursuit of shared questions. The book you’re holding in your hands is a unique response to that arresting call. Here, we follow two artists as they chart a path of companionship between inspiration and expression. This collection is a record of reaching for significance and renewal, and it offers a rare opening into a creative process that finds motivation in generous attention for another’s work.” Charles M. Pepiton, Producing Artistic Director, Square Top Theatre, Spokane, Washington.